10 Types Of Guys Brazilian Women Want


Ever wondered what exactly types of men attracts Brazilian Women? Is it the physical look, personality, or perhaps his financial situation? Every woman has a crush in a specific type of a man. However, there are some types of men that most of Brazilian woman finds attractive.

If you are curious to know if you fit in some of these groups, we did a list with 10 types of guys Brazilian women wants!

1- You are a bearded man.

Recently, an app called “Adote um cara” did a researching to know what style of men is most successful among Brazilian women. The Brazilians users preference were: bearded men! The most frequently cited beard styles were the English mustache and fully grown beard. What are you waiting to let your facial hair grows?

2 – You have many friends.

Brazilian women find more attractive a man who is the life of the party. They want to be with men who are socially appreciated, because it is linked with an exciting life.

This kind of men are more likely to stand out because of their fun energy that changes the entire mood of a place. You can become more social just by going out alone to meet interesting and minded-like people. Hang out just with people who adds value to your life, and naturally you will attract Brazilian women.

3 – You have an athletic body.

An athletic body will not only boost your self-confidence and improve your health, but it also will attract more women to you. So if you are not taking care of your physical, it is time to you focus in building up muscles, have a good diet plan, and hit on gym!

4 – You like babies and kids.

A kind, carrying, and loving man with kids melt the heart of women everywhere, especially in Brazil. A man who is kind with kids is a signal to her of a future good father for her kids. This attribute in a man does not go unnoticed to them.  Brazilian women will not get in a relationship with a man who does not want to have kids on long term.

5 – You wan to build family.

Brazilian culture is high influenced by Catholicism perspective of marriage and family. Even nowadays most of Brazilian women are old school, and still desire to get marriage and to build family. It is an essential part of Brazilian’s life

6 –You have great sense of humor.

It is never boring going out with a funny man. Laughing brings people together, regardless of nationality. It makes the woman more comfortable by your side in a first meeting. Brazilian women have a great sense of humor, and appreciate this specific feature in a man.

7- You are successful.

Brazilian women are attracted to ambitious men who thrive to have a better life. It gives a sense of security to nourish a relationship with a man able to provide for a family. It is not about the money itself, but because it indicates persistence and independence.

8- You are an intellectual man.

They like to feel intellectually challenged. It will inspire her to be better in terms of being more self-aware. Exchange of knowledge and information will keep the relationship interesting. A man who can engage in a healthy, philosophic, or political debate will definitely attract Brazilian women.

9 – You’ve got attitude.

They seem instantly drawn to the man who is not afraid of being himself, and does not care about social approval from anyone. The man’s posture can reflect the amount of confidence he has in himself.  A Brazilian woman will look for a man who can stand up for his values and beliefs.

10- You smell great.

A great scent in the first meeting can influence a woman’s initial attraction. Actually, your odor plays a huge role for determining whether or not she would get attracted to you. Be sure to smell good if you want to hit on a Brazilian girl.

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