8 signs that a Brazilian woman likes you


Most men struggle on reading women’s signs of interest. It’s no wonder women are often misunderstood as complicated and complex sex. Actually, women give off several subtle signs of interest, which once you know what to look for they become too obvious.

Personally, I do not believe women should be more direct. It is the man’s job to recognize these attractions signs to approach and make the first step. This is what makes flirting so fun and exciting.

Nowadays, social medias are in majority people’s lives, thus technology plays such a critical role in the interactions between women and men. The signs, therefore, can be noticed not only by a real-life interaction, but also by the way she responds you will dictate her interest levels.

We did a list of 8 most common signs to help you to find out if she is really interested on you!

She replies your messages quicker than you.

If you are chatting with a Brazilian girl, and she answers you straight away is a good indicator she is into you. An interested girl will try to maintain contact to you and keep up with the chat. Short-answers and slow replies is the opposite sign of someone attracted with you.  Girls will only reply quickly if they like you.

She looks excited to see you again

There is a famous phrase that says “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse”. This also applies to measure the interest of someone on you. A woman will make herself unavailable when she is not interested on you.  Therefore, she is definitely interested on you if she mentions future events to go with you, or look forward to seeing you again.

She finds any excuse to touch you in public

Whenever a girl is interested on you she will finds some reason to touch you. This could be she touching your hair, giving you a lot of hugs, resting her hands on you. The more she is touching, the more likely she is to be interested.

She is interested in knowing more about you

She will be genuinely curious to know more about you.  She will enthusiastically respond you, and listen to you. A woman interested will turn the conversation to you to find out if there is compatibility to move to the next step. She will ask about your ex relationships, hobbies, plans to future.

She maintains direct eye contact.

Eye contact is a basic sign of human attraction. A woman will only maintain eye contact with people she is interested in. Otherwise, she will avoid this interaction, and turn her face away when you look at her.

She talks about herself and her life to you

A woman is interested on you when she shares stories about herself to you, especially if these stories are the ones she does not share with anyone. She will only keep up the conversation if she has interest in knowing you better further.

She smiles at you a lot.

Women are very expressive beings about her emotions and thoughts. It is a very common sign of interest a woman smile to someone who she feels attracted to. Start noticing in which moments it happens and how often she smiles at you. If she gives you tons of smiles by no reason, it is definitely a sign she likes you!

She stands near you.

If you start feeling like a woman is putting herself closer to you, is very likely she is attracted to you. A woman interested will make excuses to enter your personal space when interacting with you.  It is a pretty clear sign she is comfortable with you, and you can take a step forward.

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