How to have sex with Brazilian women

how to have sex with brazilian women

1. Find women who want to have casual sex

The biggest mistake you can do is waste your time with girls who are looking for a serious relationship. These girls are more likely to not have sex on the first date, and keep playing games until you are emotionally involved with them, which is not what you are looking for.

You are more likely to have sex with Brazilian women if you find the ones who just want to have casual sex too. And, yes, some Brazilian women just think about sex as much as a man. It won’t be a hard task for you. Remember that sex is not a taboo in Brazil, and most of “funks” (their popular music) are about fucking.

Start looking for Brazilian women for sex in places like bars and clubs. It is quite common to Brazilian women to have sex in the first date after leaving these places with a guy. You can also download tinder to increase your chances to find a Brazilian for one-night stand.

Don’t be concerned to show your real interest – be straight forward without being rude, and select the right ones for you. Be funny with them without being too romantic. Brazilian women are used to being treated in a sexual manner – and some of them do enjoy it, and hates a guy too romantic!

2. Invest on women who show interest on you

Regardless of you going to a club or use tinder, it is time to invest on the Brazilians who show sexual interest on you. The worst things you can do is spend hours chatting with a “good girl” who will definitely be the reason why you will end up just fapping at night.

Horny brazilian girls don’t play games, they are naughty on their answers or with their body language. It doesnt mean she is a hooker, by the way. Remember that women are meant to have sex just like men are. This is not something you should interpret as a bad characterisct.

Stop giving attention to girls who mantain physical distance and don’t touch you. Invest in the ones who are finding excuses to touch you and mantain their body close to you. Pay them a drink or a nice meal, be funny with them, and don’t be afraid to dance too close of them. You can even grab her ass from behind when it is playing funk and she shakes her body against yours.

3. Increase physical contact with her

Gringos, as Brazilian people call foreigners, are known by not being as passionate as Latinos men. This is, unfortunately, one of main reasons why some Brazilian women do not want to have sex with foreign men. You gotta make a move, otherwise you will get close and blow it.

However, the appearance of Europeans and Americans are quite attractive to Brazilian women. Naturally Brazilian women will be drawn to you. You must hold this opportunity to show them that foreigners know how to approach women in a quente, hot, way.

Do not be concerned to go further on touching her if she is comfortable with that. You can start playing with her hair, rest your hands in her waist, and caress her ass. If she doesn’t complain or take out your hands, you know that you will have sex with a Brazilian woman tonight.

Another thing you should have in mind is that Brazilian women love french kisses. It is common to see couples kissing passionately on the streets. It is not something you must only do when you are between 4 walls. Give her a tongue kiss on the first date, and not be surprised if she is the one to take the lead about it

4. Invite her to your place

You are already giving her tongue kisses, caressing her body, staying too close to her body. This next move will be your checkmate. I could say that 80% of the Brazilian women will accept to follow you to your apartment as long as you guys are on this level of intimacy.

However, some Brazilian women don’t want to perpetuate their fame of being too easy. No matter how horny for you. These women will wait for the second or third date to have sex with you. After this little game, they will no longer play any games to meet up on your apartment and go to the next level.

Stop beating around the bush after few hours chatting with her. You guys need a private space to have lots of fun. Although Brazil is a county where most of people are sexually open, people are still not allowed to have sex on streets – lmao. Do not have hesitation to end up your day on your bed with her.

How can you express that? Quite simple. Just ask if she wants to leave the place with you. It is all depend of how much safada, naughty, is the woman you are dealing with. If she is more reserved, you could say “want to watch a movie at my apartment?”, but if she is more naughty, you could even say “lets have fun right now”.

5. Have wild sex with her

She is on the way to your apartment with you. For sure you are going to have sex tonight. You both are horny and can not help it. Be prepared to have one of the best sex you ever had in your life – high-five you baddass!

Brazilian women will expect a crazy, wild sex with you. Do not be too shy or romantic as if you were taking out the virginity of a woman. Please, no missionary sex position, sweet kisses, and too much romantic caressing. Be a macho, very manly, that’s what Brazilian women loves during the sex.

Slightly spank her ass, try different sex positions, pull her hair, grab her neck. It will not be a big stuff if you guys have anal sex in the very first night. She might ask you to have anal sex or you can touch her ass and move further as long as she allows you. It is quite common anal sex in Brazil, and that’s why big asses are the national passion.

I can’t tell you how much fun you are going to have with a Brazilian women. Try it first. I’m sure you’ll definitely want to stay longer in Brazil and even move to this country after having a good time with these women.

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