How to impress a Brazilian women

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” This statement is absolutely truth. The first impression will be decisive for the relationship development. A bad attitude, word, and appearance can totally put away a person of your life.

Focus in showing your best on the first meeting or conversation. You must impress a Brazilian to make her be interested to know more about you.

Aren’t you sure how impressing her? No problem!

Follow these five advices, and you will definitely impress her.

Show her self-confidence.

Self-confidence is extremely attractive for both a women and a man. You must develop this state of self-confidence to impress people around you, specially a girl.

Basically try to avoid these common mistakes:

  • do not stop speaking
  • just talk about yourself
  • ask her all time if she is enjoying the meeting
  • interview her
  • put yourself down to make her smile

Act normally with her. Speak about your life, but focus on the subjects you have in common with her. You don’t want to be the only one enjoying the conversation.

Also, make room to her talk about her life, and listen it without interrupting. Show her that you are interesting in knowing more about her.

Let her guide the conversation too. Do not be afraid of awkward silences.

Be playful, no need of being too serious. Make her smile, but never push yourself down on your jokes. It doesn’t works.

Try to speak Portuguese – even if it fails.

First of all, repeat with me: Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Again.

Don not forgets this detail – most of foreign do this mistake.

Whatever, it is really cute when a foreign man tries to speak Portuguese with us. No matter how bad it is, it is one of the best way of flirting’s us.

Most of women who reside in Brazil aren’t fluent in English; therefore, it will make her feel more comfortable to communicate with you.

And, even if it is a woman fluent in your language, she will still appreciate the fact that you are speaking her native language, that you know which her native language is. It shows interest of you part.

 Instead of calling her of “beautiful”, call her of “gatinha”. Watch her reaction. It will be worth it. 

Behave like a gentleman.

Nothing warms more a woman’s heart than a gentleman.

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference of her first impression of you.

Some few examples:

  • Open her the door
  • help her to be seated
  • give your jacket to her when it’s freezing
  • be punctual
  • pay attention to details

Don’t underestimate these small acts when meeting a woman. Little details don’t get unnoticed by us – quite the opposite. It determines the intensity of our interested by a man.

On Latin countries men are not usually gentle, but impolite, therefore, you will make her a good impression of you.

Search about Brazilian culture

Show her that you know more about Brazil than carnival, Brazilian’s asses, and monkeys.


You don’t have to dive too deep into Brazilian culture.  You can talk about Bossa Nova, capoeira, and our culinary, for example.

It impresses Brazilian women foreign men that respect, and appreciate our culture. It doesn’t sound nice for us a   man who doesn’t know anything else about our country, but asses.   

Be neat and tidy

It is quite hilarious and ridiculous to say, but foreign men are known as not much fan of taking shower, consequentially no being clean.

I have no idea where this generalization came from – Might it is because others countries are colder than Brazil.

Anyway, the fact is that, due the tropical climate, Brazilian people take in average 2-4 showers per day. We do appreciate a good smelling man.

Therefore, be neat and tidy in all the dating.

Follow this before meeting up her:

  • Take a long shower
  • put a perfume
  • brush your teeth
  • wear clean clothes

We are going to notice all these details.

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