How to date Brazilian women


Brazilian women are known as one the most beautiful woman of the world; besides, they are affectionate, funny, enjoyable, and hot. There are no women alike Brazilians oversea.

So, if you are a foreign desiring to date these captivating women, we will give you a handful tips to you succeed on that!

1. have a good relationship with her family.

It is common in Brazil,  25-30 years old sons still living with their parents. Our culture values a lot the family bonds, even after the marriage.

Brazilians always stay in touch with their parents. She will always put her family in first place.

It is primordial you nourish a good relationship with her parents. Their opinion about you will be decisive for your relationship has a future.

2. don’t try to dominate her.

Brazilians are not submissive.

They have a strong personality, therefore, don’t try to say what they have to do or not.

Most of Brazilians women do not lower her heads to the commands of her boyfriend/husband.  Since, they are raised to be strong and independent woman.

They will do the best for their partner, but never allowing be dominated by a man.

3. they are emotional – understand it.

Get ready to emotional arguing’s, romantic statements, and a bit of exaggeration.

Brazilian people express more their emotions than people from others continents.

Being emotional is not bad in itself. Might, she will show more jealously often. But she will also be loyal, and committed to do her best on the relationship.

4. make her smile often

They enjoy a partner who has a great sense of humor.

You do not need to have a perfect body, or a car, when you are able to make them laugh until our belly hurts. It is very attractive a man who is playful – not being too serious about life.  It breaks their defenses, and make them more comfortable with your company.

Brazilians aren’t serious people, unless if it is a special occasion that requires that. So, a dating is a perfect moment to playfully tease them – give them silly nicknames, make fun of their habits, and mimic them. Of course, do positive teasing, and respecting their boundaries.

5. Be open minded

Cultural difference can be both a wall and a bridge. What truly matters is how you can handle with a different perspective of yours.

Brazil’s culture is rich, diversified, and unique. Each state has a variation of their habits in comparison with others. Therefore, be open minded, instead of judging or making fun in a negative way.

When facing a cultural difference when chatting with a Brazilian woman, do not overreact about it; instead, listen to her with full attention, show enthusiasm in knowing more about her culture, ask questions, and express understanding.  There is no right and wrong in any culture.






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