The 3 biggest mistakes foreigners make with brazilians



Although, internet is full of foreign guys sharing their experiences with brazilian girls, most of times they are talking about prostitutes – not real women.

If you are going to meet a normal Brazilian girl, those advices will completely fail. And might you will never see her again.

There are 3 biggest mistakes foreign does when meeting a Brazilian due this misunderstanding.

Here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid.

1.Don’t repeat media standard of Brazilian women

Not every Brazilian woman has got big asses. Not every Brazilian woman will go to bed with you on the first meeting. Not every Brazilian woman dances samba “naked” on carnival.

The media spread an image of Brazilian women, which is degrading for us. Basically, it revolves around our body, and sexuality. We do not agree on how international media labels us as hookers.

So, never take an action lead by these false standards. Not even jokes about that. We will feel extremely offended by it.

 2. Don’t over contact her and act needy.

Most of Brazilians woman are romantic, and very emotional, but also independent. We will enjoy a text with a romantic message, like you saying how beautiful we were, or how much you are thinking of us. But be careful – there is a fine line between showing interest and acting needy. The last one will take us apart.

Do not call us all the time, let us call you too. Give us space to get curious of what you are feeling. Let a bit of mystery on the romance. Do not be always disponible.

Find the balance of not act too cold and not be too needy.

 3. Don’t wait too much to give her a kiss.

You will definitely know when a Brazilian woman is crush on you. Even though, we try to play the game, as every woman around the globe, we do not let it go too far.

On Brazilian culture, we do not wait too long when we are into someone. Therefore, if you do not try to kiss her on the first or second dating, might she will think you are not interested on her, and then move on.

Note: Just be aware of our signs – eyes contact, touch you, accept to go on a date again, flatter you, etc.

Is she showing signs of interest? Right moment to kiss her! No matter if you just met her one hour ago.

Also, do not be shocked if Brazilian women kiss you, instead of waiting you to do that. It is very common to happen that on our culture, so it doesn’t mean she is too easy or is a “slut”. She is just into you.



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